In Spring 2015 the team from ‘Most Haunted’ spent an evening filming at Capesthorne.               They witnessed several unexplained happenings including books falling off shelves, mysterious piano playing in an empty top floor apartment and items being thrown at their team in the basement.DSCN1328 - Copy

One of the staff at Capesthorne was interviewed on the programme having experienced first-hand some of the paranormal activity at Capesthorne.  She’d encountered unexplained drafts as if something was travelling past her as she stood alone on a landing.  On another occasion, when working late in the hall office, she had her hair pulled.  The manager witnessed it and no explanation could be found as to how this could have happened.Most Haunted KJ

Since the programme was shown, we have been told about many other experiences at the hall. Long gone family members have been seen coming out of the family crypt in the Chapel, staff have been locked in rooms that have no locks on them, phones knocked off their base units in empty offices and dressing screens in bedrooms knocked over as light bulbs blow simultaneously….the list goes on.