tsp1The next instalment from Jenn’s ‘Top Tips’…

3.Use your contacts!

We are fortunate enough to be blessed with a plethora of talented friends and family. My sister-in-law is a very popular florist, my brother is an artist (and designed all of our wedding stationery), not to mention my rolodex of musician contacts. Don’t be afraid to call in favours from those you know with particular talents, or even to ask if anyone knows someone creative. Speaking as a creative person, we are more often than not are dying for the opportunity to use our creativity to make others happy.

But not just creative people, any people. Don’t try to do absolutely everything yourself as it will take its toll. It did with me and I ended up very poorly the week running up to our wedding including the day itself, which leads me on to my next point…

4.Include Family and Friends. They love you and just want to help.

You may be experiencing the a-typical strain of two families combining. You have my empathy! But I’d encourage you to go easy on your families. It may not feel or seem like it at times, but its highly likely that they just want to help. It’s also worth remembering that they will have dreamed about this day for as long as you have, if not longer. It really means a lot to them and just offering them small ways in which to be a part of your experience will mean the world to them. Once the day has gone you can’t get it back, so go easy on your loved ones and involve them in your special day.