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5. Employ people who understand your vision.

I can imagine that neither myself nor my husband were the most conventional (or easiest!) of couples whilst planning our wedding, but that didn’t mean that we deserved to be treated with any less regard than anyone else. I experienced this on a few occasions and I was too afraid to stand up for myself. In hindsight, and speaking as someone who works at a wedding venue, every single person deserves to be listened to, understood and treated with respect. This is your wedding, your marriage, arguably one of the most important things you will ever do! Again, it makes life so much easier to have suppliers who respect your vision. Therefore if you’re struggling to make decisions on caterers, florists, etc, I’d encourage you to think with your heart as well as your head and not just go straight for the most popular suppliers, the coolest, flashiest, or simply by recommendation. Employ people you feel confident will serve you well.

6. Keep your guests well fed (and watered)!

Did you know that people like to drink a lot of alcohol at weddings?! Play it safe and offer food at regular intervals throughout the day. I’m talking twice as much food as your alcohol! It may be pricier but it’s worth it! No-one likes an embarrassingly drunk Uncle or a cousin being ill in the toilets! If you’re having a summer wedding and it’s likely to be hot, this is even more important!