Part 4 of ‘Jenn’s Top Tips’

7. Try to plan your day from the perspective of a Guest at your wedding.

When thinking about timings of your day, it’s worth remembering what it’s like to be a Guest at a Wedding. Ever had the experience of standing around for 3 hours while photographs are being taken? Enjoy it? Personally there’s only so much small talk I can make with friends and relatives before becoming really dull, or (referring back to point 6), drinking too much and starting to make inappropriate jokes! So it’s worth being a little sensitive to your guests. It’s your Photographer’s job to get all the photos you would like, without needing to keep you away from your guests for hours upon end.

Also bear in mind the age ranges of your guests. My parents reminded me of our older guests when we were selecting our chairs for our reception venue. It seems silly, but they deeply appreciated the thought of a comfortable chair, as they were sat there for a long time.  Personally, we chose not to have any small children at our wedding reception, simply because it’s a really long (and boring) day for them. We also wanted their parents to let their hair down (which in my experience, they are very grateful for). We don’t remember really enjoying a wedding at the age of 5… if we remember them at all. If children are to be part of the day, may be consider some form of entertainment for them. Bouncy castles, I hear, go down really well with guests of ALL ages!

8. If Music Be the Food of Love….

…keep it playing on and on! Ok, now as a Musician I’m biased on this point. Having said that, I have worked as a Music Consultant for a wedding because the Bridal Party really believed that music played a big part in creating ambience throughout the day and they wanted to get it right. I planned everything from what the Bride came down the aisle to, to the 18 piece swing band at the evening reception. Again, from my biased point of view, the difference professional musicians can make to a wedding (indeed any event) is huge. People like to watch musicians at work, so it also becomes some form of entertainment. Music has the power to affect any kind of mood.

Equally, silence can make a big impact, so keep a playlist going in the background between any live music acts so that guests don’t begin to feel awkward. I was accused of being a little over-the-top for having a Pre-ceremony playlist, Drinks Reception playlist, Wedding Breakfast Playlist and Evening Reception playlist. Each one was different and carefully crafted for the various stages of the day. I may have gone over the top but it really is worth thinking about your guests sitting in uncomfortable silence if the conversation and music has run dry.

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